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In the State of Illinois, all 102 Counties require bouncers, servers and retail sellers of alcoholic drinks to undergo Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training — or BASSET training. BASSET gives servers the information they need to serve alcoholic drinks that discourages over consumption of alcohol and reduces the likelihood of drunk driving.

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Whether you're a server looking to add a desirable certification to your resume or a bar owner who wants to reduce your establishment's liability, our BASSET certification classes are a great choice. When your employees are BASSET-certified, you will be protected in the case of an alcohol-involved incident, and your insurance premiums may go down.

The ILCC encourages all alcohol sellers and servers to participate in the BASSET program, and many employers and counties require all servers to have this certification. BASSET training is now mandatory across the State of Illinois. Our BASSET courses are affordable and straightforward. They are taught by friendly, experienced instructors, and we make it easy to enroll. Contact us today to join our next class.